EMView Big network monitoring system

Innovation / High-efficiency / Sincerity

B/S Architecture

1.With Browse / Server approaches, easy to monitoring and maintenance

2.Centralized monitoring and managing distributed equipment from different sites

3.Graphic data display interface, easier to operate

Electronic Map

1.Show the data center distribution of different locations via electronic map

2.Manage, maintain and output management monitoring data of many data centers through electronic map

3.Identify alarm position via electronic map

Video Monitoring

1.Seamless integration of video monitoring

2.Compatible with mainstream video monitoring manufacturers

APP management

1.Support latest Android and IOS mobile operation, review monitoring system on mobile or PC.

2.View current system real-timedata, video data and alarm data via Pad or Mobile

Data analysis

1.Real-time data storage, backup function

2.Generate real-time curve and historical curve;

3.Support query many different environmental data curves, more convenient to compare and analyse

Diversified alarm methods

1.Fast SMS and phone alarm

2.Convenient and flexible multimedia voice and email alarm

3.Different managing group can use different alarm methods

Alarm statistics

1.Completed alarm records, storage and statistic function

2.Support Pie chart, bar graph and many other statistics methods

Curves zooming without limits

1.Supports curve zooming for any time period

2.Support for curve analysis and comparison of multiple data.

Energy consumption management

1.Energy consumption analysis: Count subentry energy consumption percentage, display total energy consumption, air condition consumption, IT equipment consumption, display PUE value via meters.

2.Energy consumption curve: Count energy consumption data curve according to weeks, years, months and custom time

3.PUE statistics: Count PUE value and PUE curve according to weeks, years, months and custom time.

Dual-unit hot standby

1.The system adopts dual-unit hot standby mode, utilizes “Dual monitoring system and dual data” mode system to build two units centralized management servers, divided into monitoring management main server and standby server (Host and standby server are built-in datas). Once the main server failed, standby server takes over from the main server, so as to ensure system continue to work automatically without manual intervention. Thus ensure the stability of systems.

SMS monitoring

1.Safety SMS, regular SMS report

2.SMS query and control function, custom SMS query and control commands

3.Balance query, Arrear reminder function

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